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Strand Theatre

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Strand Theatre


540 Oliver Street. From the North Tonawanda History Museum:
From 1917 through the 1930’s, this building was the home of the Strand Theatre. From the 1930’s through the 1970’s, it housed the Alliance Church. From the 1970’s through 1990, a craft shop, followed by a cabinet-making business occupied the building. In 1991, the building was purchased from James Lewis by the Route 486 holding company and Micro Support Services worked under the umbrella of the holding company. David Berent was Vice President of Marketing for the company, having had over 27 years of experience with TRW, Olivetti, and Bell Telephone Systems.
The building is used today for a local band's rehearsal space and occasional concerts.


Strand Theatre, Alliance Church, photo (2016).jpg


540 Oliver Street. Photo by Dennis Reed Jr.