Cumming Family Photo Collection (c. 1905)

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Cumming Family Photo Collection (c. 1905)


Boathouse Gang The "Boat House Gang," probably photographed at the Gratwick slip. Colorized by Dennis Reed Jr. In 2018, I was asked by a local woman and family friend  if I could help her scan some c. 1905 glass negatives she inherited from her grandfather Albert Cumming, an amateur photographer. The amazing and intimate images we found on the long-unseen negatives mostly depict life in the Gratwick section of North Tonawanda, centered around the family home at 130 Fredericka Street. The photos feature New Year's Eve dinners, friends playing croquet, neighborhood kids asked to hold still for the six seconds most exposures took, and Albert posing with his gun and dog.


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These are the glass negatives in their original envelopes. The photo titles come from what was written on these envelopes wherever possible.

VIDEO: The Cumming Family of Gratwick (Featuring photos c. 1905).vid

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A family's old (c1905) box of glass negatives reveals fascinating views into the early days of the Gratwick community. Watch for the chicken! Narrated…